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Raptus AG/SA, a swiss IT company, is proud to announce that it has released 3 generations of their SiteEditor / CMS software as opensource. Before that the packages were commercial. Due to heavy interest from partners, this decision of releasing has been taken.

eAdmin / OWX (standing for OmniaWeb-X) is a webbased site mangement software, a development framework and list generator. It uses opensource software to run. Have a look at some features of latest OWX:

  • Defineable field configurations (Text, Wysiwyg, Prices, Dates etc.)
  • Searcher for searching multilanguage content
  • FileManager for management of available files
  • CategoryManger for management of multiple category-trees
  • UserManger for management of users and access control *NEW*
  • Multiuser support
  • Multilanguage support
  • WYSIWYG editor for formatted text input
  • Support for different template systems
  • Implementation using Java v2, JSP v2.3, SQL92 and Linux OS
  • Model/View/Control (MVC) architecture (by using Jakarta Struts)
  • Use of JSP custom tag libraries
  • XML based configuration

For a complete feature list have a look at the OWXv3 features page.

Note that we are currently building this website. If you have questions or would like to contribute, drop a mail to owx-team@gmx.net. We are always open for new ideas.

Latest release v1.0.4

Download the latest release, of eAdmin/OWX with User Management, Submitter Module and much more. go there...


OWX is divided in 3 separte applications, that may be used independently of each other. OWXv2 is was the codebase for OWXv3, which is much more flexible than its predecessor.

Because of that, development of v1 and v2 has been ceased.


The goal was to have text input in a webbased system, with much comfort. Most endusers know text editors from MS Word or StarOffice, therefore our WYSIWYG editor was built. It is realized as a JSP CustomTag.

Do you think it is necessary to extend the editor with new features like table editor? Drop us a mail...



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